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How can you get free money? Keep reading!

If you're looking for free money (obviously you are), you've come to the right place!

Below I will tell you how you can get free gift cards and PayPal money, all by entering a special code and telling your friends! This is not a scam, and you can easily get up to $25 a day using this method!

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  1. On your Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) device, download the app "App Trailers."
    Click the button below for your device, to download instantly. (Android Users: Click Google Play Button)

2. Once installed, open the App Trailers app.

3. On the "Videos" tab, click "Enter Bonus Code."

4. In the box that says "Enter Bonus Code," enter "noscamfreemoney" (no scam free money w/out spaces) to recieve enough points to get your $10 gift card!*

5. Use the "Videos" tab to recieve even more points to get even bigger gift cards!

6. Use the following special techniques to get you the maximum amount of points, resulting in bigger gift cards!

    • Utilize the "Invite Friends" option on the Videos tab to invite your friends and get more points!
    • Create a YouTube video titled similarly to "Free Money" promoting your bonus code after you complete the "Invite Friends" option.

    Be sure to tell your friends all about this website so they, too, can get free money!

    *Contact For More Info

    Sample Prizes